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The Tutorials section is a part of the website where you can find instructions to follow. These tutorials almost exclusively pertain to the use of software.

Create Your Own Darknet Website in Just 5 Minutes

Your very own .onion

20th of May 2020
If you have been on the internet for any amount of time, then you have probably heard of the so-called “Darknet”. A part of the internet that is only accessible by using a specific piece of software (Normally, Tor), which also attracts attention for the bullshit rumours of so-called Red rooms and assassination marketplaces. In reality, the darknet just on average has a more unique range of websites than what you would find on the internet.

How to Add an Anycast IP to Your BuyVM Slice

28th of June 2019
As many people will probably know BuyVM has this awesome feature where if you buy a VPS in all three of their location (Las Vegas, New York and Luxembourg), you are able to assign up to five free anycast IP Addresses. As three VMs from BuyVM can be gotten for only $6/month in total (512MB package) it is probably the cheapest way of getting into the world of anycasted hosting.

How to Solve “Microphone Audio” Only Coming out Left Channel in Cakewalk by BandLab?

28th of May 2019
If you have ever tried to record audio from your microphone than you will have at least at some point experienced the annoying issue of your recorded audio only coming out of the left channel, this is an infuriating problem to come across but is easily fixed, especially in DAW software like Cakewalk. What causes Microphone audio to only come out of the left channel? Generally when people connect a microphone to their computer, they do so though a USB audio interface, which in turn will often have two inputs (one for microphone and one for instrument).