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Technology. Something that affects all of our lives’ but is also something that many people mis-understand. The media (including the BBC) makes this ignorance of technology worse, as instead of educating people on the underlining details of the tech people use, they publish over-exaggerated falsehoods. Most of the surrounding the internet being “toxic“ without looking at themselves in the mirror.

The content in The Technology Zone looks at tech and the internet from the perceptive of someone who has experienced the real internet rather than just Normie-net. Basically, articles in this section mainly focus on more niche topics, from random drama to articles about privacy.

Building a website without becoming a ‘soydev’

4th of July 2021
The internet nowadays is plagued with crappy websites. Websites designed with a goal of getting as many visitors and as much AD revenue as possible. We all know these websites, the ones with overly long articles, contain every tracker in existence, have several AD placements, nag you to sign-up for their email newsletter and somehow take ages to load a basic and generic webpage. These websites have become such a plague that many people have named the developers of them, Soydev’s.

The Rigged Game of 'Build Your Own DDOS Protection'

10th of April 2021
Whenever you see a controversy website being “cancelled” by its Anti-DDOS service provider. There will see many comments on social media, cheering on the company for censorship. Those commentators will give several defenses for the censorship. Some will claim that it is only censorship when the government does it, or that they are free to refuse service to anyone. They will point out that a webmaster can technically build their own DDOS protection.

A Paywall Is Not Acceptable to Revoke SSL - a Response to Pro-CF Comments

21st of January 2021
Most communities rightly accept that for a CA, such as CloudFlare, it is not acceptable for them to ignore requests to revoke a SSL certificate. But on /r/privacytoolsIO A community, you would expect pro-corporate comments. You have many upvoted comments saying that I should have paid CloudFlare $10/month to have this control. Strange to see such a pro-CloudFlare circle jerk on that SubReddit. Even worse, they are down-voting any rebuttals I try to make.

The Irrevocable SSL certificates of CloudFlare

20th of January 2021
I moved this website “” away from CloudFlare back in August 2020. That should have been the end of the relation with CloudFlare for my website. Unfortunately, while I was moving the L7 Anti-DDOS protection to (via a reseller), I checked the SSL Transparency and noticed that CloudFlare still had a vaild SSL certificate for this website. Even worse, this CloudFlare certificate lasts for a year, meaning they have a SSL certificate for this website, until June 2021.

Don’t Give Your Content Away for Free to Tech Giants

Smaller networks FTW

14th of December 2020
In the past, when we wanted to read about someone’s thoughts on a topic, we would read their blog. Nowadays, those blogs have become social media profiles. This is turn gives social media content that you wrote for free. What you get is exposure from their large user base, while they get in-sight into your readers and get to monetize your content. In the more tech-savvy communities, you will see arguing that more people should start their own blog.

The Advantages of Piracy (for consumers)

Smaller networks FTW

9th of December 2020
You will always hear of large media companies crying about how piracy is killing their industry, even if the evidence for these claims are uncertain with some studies claiming small positive, small negative or near-no affect to sales of media, depending on the type of that media. Even if you believe the major media conglomerates about their claim, that piracy is killing their industry. The question has to be asked why some people pirate media over legally "buying" it on disk or paying for a subscription to a service like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video that would allow them to stream from a large catalogue of content for the cost of a couple of DVDs monthly.

Use Tor for privacy and VPN for downloading Linux Iso's

Don't give one country too much power.

1st of August 2020
On the internet there appears to be a lot of confusion about when using a VPN or Tor is appropriate with many people being confused blatantly misleading VPN advertisements. That is not to say that a VPN is not useful as there are use cases that Tor sucks at. What is a VPN useful for? Getting past geo restrictions Most people are willing to pay for the content they consume. The problem is that distribution companies are greedy and in the quest to increase profits will lock out users wanting to honestly access content with Geo restrictions.

The German Problem with Tor

Don't give one country too much power.

19th of July 2020
Over the past year, relay operators have done a good job in diversifying the range of network that they use to host their relays. The problem is that the move away from popular ASNs has not always translated to a move away from popular countries. This is where we come to Germany, which has the highest amount of Tor relay capacity in the World at 167Gbps, in contrast France is in 2nd place with 64.

Ultra Cheap VPS hosts for Tor Bridges

Why popular does not always mean better.

7th of July 2020
As of the 5th July 2020, there are 1357 Tor bridges available for users in countries who censor the Tor network to use. Having just over 1,000 IP addresses is not a lot for such a big privacy network as Tor is, especially considering that the number of Tor Bridges peaked at 4,227 on the 4th January 2015. That means since then the network has lost more than two-thirds of its bridges.

Webhosts for Tor Relays Who Are Not; OVH, Hetzner or Scaleway

Smaller networks FTW

6th of July 2020
On the 13th June 2020, I published an article to this blog that went though the reasons you should never use OVH, Hetzner or Scaleway for Tor Relays. A common response was that the article did not go into the alternative providers that a relay operator could instead of the networks mentioned above. The reason alternatives where not listed in that article is that more time was required to research hosts that are both good value for more while also offering unmetered bandwidth.