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The Scams section covers the many scams that are present in both retail and internet business. The difference between the articles written by me and the mainstream media is that I don’t treat retail businesses with “kids gloves “, unlike many media outlets who hate on the internet because it is hurting their sales.

InnoHosting: Fraudulent Bait-and-Switch WebHosting

InnoHosting: Fraudulent Bait-and-Switch WebHosting

4th of November 2019
InnoHosting is an “American” web hosting company who claim to offer the “the most reliable and affordable #WebHosting”. Though $4.25 per month for 1GB of webspace is not exactly what you would call affordable when you can get that much space for $8/year or less but the 24x7 support might add like $1/month on to the costs for the WebHost. The InnoHosting Webhosting Location Bait-and-Switch On the 24th October 2019, GazCBG posted a thread on the popular web hosting niche forum; LowEndTalk.
The Fake 1080P Action Camera Being Sold by Argos

The Fake 1080P Action Camera Being Sold by Argos

16th of October 2019
Argos is one of the most well-known retailers in the UK. With the company having over eight-hundred stores across the country, you are rarely far away from one of its locations. Like many other retailers, Argos also has a large number of items on some kind of special offer at any given time. One of the products Argos has on sale in its clearance section is a Vibe 1080p Action Camera which at just £14.
MikeyFnBrennan: Fortnite Livestream V-Bucks Giveaway Scam

MikeyFnBrennan: Fortnite Livestream V-Bucks Giveaway Scam

14th of September 2019
MikeyFnBrennan is a Fortnite YouTuber with nearly three-hundred thousand subscribers. Even though he is one of the scumbags who uses clickbaity thumbnails, he is lucky to even get a few thousand views per video. The Scam Livestream A few days ago, MikeyFnBrennan “live-streamed” his old Fortnite clips, which he did so under the premise of a V-Bucks giveaway. According to the description; codes for V-bucks will be shown every twelve to fifteen minutes.

Acuta Technologies: Tech Support Scammers who Pretend to be Visa

27th of August 2019
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Is TelerainMD/ a Scam?

16th of June 2019
TelerainMD is a “California based (more on that later)” company which claims to offer “24/7 Unlimited Medical Consultations” with “US board certified doctors” for just $19.95 per month (or $29.95 for the whole household). Around two weeks ago, fob911 posted on that he received a phone call on his landline phone, offering to cover everyone in his family for “online doctors and specialists” services with no co-pays for just $29 per month.