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The Reviews section is of course the place where I post reviews. Basically, think opinion pieces but with thoughts on a product, rather than on someone’s ideas.

The Worst Lapel/Lavalier Microphone Ever (ISSLM01U)

A couple of days ago, I ordered a cheapish lavalier from Amazon for a documentary project that I am working on. This shitty microphone was an Industry Standard Sound ISSLM01U, which was so awful that I returned it to Amazon, just a day after receiving. Why is the ISSLM01U the worst microphone? The low volume of this microphone makes anything you attempt to record suffer from a really high noise floor.

Big Snack Chicken Burrito Wrap Review, Might Be The Worst Burrito Ever

Notice: This article was archived and has only gone through basic grammar correction. Today I was shopping at my local Iceland and while looking at their frozen snack section and decided to buy the Big Snack chicken burrito wrap as I thought that people might enjoy reading a review about it. The first thing I noticed after opening the box was just how large the burrito was, after that I check the instructions and found it interesting that the burrito came with a reflective sleeve that is designed to make the burrito crispy when microwaving.

Heat Em Up Southern Fried Chicken And Chips Review

Notice: This article was archived and has only gone through basic grammar correction. Heat Em Up is a range of extremely cheap microwavable snacks manufactured by Summit Foods LTD. Today we will be reviewing the microwavable Heat Em Up fried chicken and chips.  First impressions and cooking The chicken burger comes in your pretty generic cardboard tray, just like the supermarket own brand ones do.

Pot Shot! Review (Shameless Pot Noodle Rip Off)

Notice: This article was archived and has only gone through basic grammar correction. Today’s review is Pot Shot! by Symington’s and yes the packaging looks like the older pot noodle packaging, and as such we will be seeing if it is as good as a pot noodle Packaging: Pot Shot! uses the awful cheap thin plastic pot with an even worse plastic lid that makes it harder to reseal while it is cooking the noodles as you have to weigh the lid down unlike pot noodle and they is no way I am trusting that pot in a microwave as I am scared it will melt due to it’s thin crapness.

Aurora master Wave Review

Notice: This article was archived from a previous project and has only gone through basic spelling and grammar correction. Aurora master is a light that generates waving patterns by projecting 14 LED’s though a wavy top to give the effect of waves. The lights are not overpowering, but the device only lasts 1 hours before auto shutdown that you can not stop from happening, which is annoying to say the least.