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The Gaming section is the one of the least written parts of this website. This section is designed as a place for detailed breakdowns into video games are a lot of them are massively overrated.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Used Old PC Games

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Used Old PC Games

Is it best to buy used?

13th of May 2020
Many people have nostalgia for old video games, myself included. As many people played games on consoles' back then or have lost their original retail disks, game publishers have realised that they can make money by selling their back catalogue on digital marketplaces like Steam for example. But of cause there are other options for getting hold of old video games, both legal and illegal. This is where the key topic of this article comes into play as older PC games originally came on CD/DVDs, there is also a market on websites like eBay and Amazon of people selling second hand copies.

The Boring Summit of Mount Chiliad

24th of September 2019
Mount Chiliad is the tallest mounting in GTA 5. This has brought the area of the map it occupies a lot of attention. With many people (aka kids) playing this game, it should not surprise anyone that Mount Chiliad is almost seen as a mysterious place. The Disappointment of Mount Chiliad Getting up Mount Chiliad is a chore. It takes between five to ten minutes to get up the windy routes that are made more annoying by GTA 5s' physics engine that suffers from annoying angle related cut off points to where a vehicle can and can’t go.